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Blinky is a biochemical engineering company that has ecological cleaning
embedded in its DNA.

Eco-friendly cleaning of the kitchen
Environment friendly care products

About Blinky

Our dream is to build a company that wants to produce and sell products that do not harm the already fragile environment that we currently live in. The plastic soup, the scarcity of fresh water and the high rate of deforestation made us wanted to do something to revive the worlds damaged environment. Due to our background in the chemical industry we saw a dramatic increase in the use of throw away single-use bottles and the usage of harmful chemicals.

After eight years of research & development we at Blinky had a breakthrough in biochemical engineering, the formula that was found checked all the boxes and we could bring our ground-breaking eco-products to the market for mass consumption.

Environment friendly care products

Blinky ECO-Tabs

Our products are all based on eco-friendly chemicals, these formulae have been packaged in a lightweight pre-dosed eco-tab made from 100% biodegradable PVA plastic. The bags and boxes used to protect our products are made from 100% compostable materials. The light weight of our products and the fact that we do not need to ship fluids anymore have resulted in a dramatic decrease in CO2 and Greenhouse gasses during transportation. 

Where we use to need five completely filled up trailers with bottles, we now only have to ship one pallet of products. This decreases our ecological footprint on the environment by a ginormous amount, saving thousands of barrels of oil, water and plastic granulate per year.


Blinky clean up the world

Blinky products

We sincerely hope that you will be satisfied with the result and please let us know on our social media accounts what you think of our products! The links for contacting us are shown at our contact page and also below this page. Blinky clean up the world.

  • Blinky Sanitary Gel ECO-Tabs
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    Blinky Sanitary Gel ECO-Tabs

    Eco-friendly sanitary gel cleaner for the day-to-day cleaning of all sanitary facilities. Effortlessly removes all commonly occurring dirt and grime. Ideal for toilets and marble surfaces.

  • Blinky Multi Purpose ECO-Tabs
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    Blinky Multi Purpose ECO-Tabs

    Eco-friendly floor cleaner, is highly suitable for use on all water resistant surfaces (PVC, Linoleum, natural stone floors etc.) Leaves a pleasant fresh fragrance after cleaning, equally suitable for cleaning by hand or when using cleaning, scrubbing and vacuuming machines.

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    Blinky Disinfectant ECO-Tabs

    Eco-friendly Blinky disinfectant is a new generation of disinfectant. The sanitizer from Blinky disinfects all surfaces.

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