Environment friendly care products

About us

Innovation is not just about changing ingredients. We at Blinky believe it is about changing our environmental footprint in every aspect of our company. The way we contribute to protect and improve our planet for the next generation by allowing ourselves to think differently.

About us
High-quality cleaning products


Blinky provides high-quality cleaning products to both our businesses and consumers, which benefit society in terms of cost, convenience, quality and the utmost respect for the environment.

Maximize value and convenience

Mission Statement

With this innovative range of high-quality cleaning products, Blinky aims to maximize value and convenience. Our products help businesses take the next step in corporate social responsibility, while private consumers can further minimize their negative impact on the environment.

Highly innovative


We strive for optimal convenience with a highly innovative product that serves the customer, the company and the environment. 

Eco-friendly cleaning of the sink
Eco-friendly and fresh smelling formula
Environment friendly care products

Corporate social responsibility

Blinky strongly believes in bringing together the 3 P’s: Planet, People and Profit.
Therefore, we make products that create an ecological, economical and social value for our global society.

We strive for sustainability in our own production process, but also by contributing to the improvement of the working processes of our clients. This applies to businesses and wholesalers as well as private individuals. Think, for example, of the reduction in transport cost – not to mention the reduction in CO2 emissions. Imagine a dramatic decrease in storage space, CO2 emissions and transportation volume. Having to use zero plastic packaging materials gives our customers a huge leap forward on their way to becoming CO2 and plastic neutral. The environment, the consumer and our employees are all vital for Blinky. 

Our employees and partners are essential to our business. 

Working alongside and with us should always be a pleasure.

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