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Cleaning supplies, they are plentiful, but eco-friendly cleaners are scarce. Blinky has the solution for an eco-friendly cleaning product: the Blinky Eco Tabs.

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Cleaning products from Blinky

A clean home starts with the right cleaning product. A good cleaning product provides a good and powerful clean, but it often involves chemicals. Blinky has developed a new cleaning product that is 100% environmentally friendly. This also goes beyond the product alone, because because it is packaged in powder form it saves a lot of transportation space. With a cleaning product from Blinky, you are assured of a clean house! From bathrooms to kitchens, we have the right cleaning product for every room in our range. Each room needs a different cleaning product. For example, the kitchen needs a degreasing cleaning product because of all the fatty residues from food. The bathroom and toilet an antibacterial detergent and for the interior a fresh smelling formula. In addition, the products are very easy to store and you can reuse the bottle. Mix the tablet with water in the bottle and you are ready to clean! This makes cleaning a lot easier and you are also environmentally aware!

Ordering cleaning products online is easy!

Blinky has a cleaning product for every type of room. Our range includes cleaning products for the kitchen, bathroom (sanitary), floor, interior and disinfection. These cleaning products will help you get the most out of your cleaning!

A spray bottle as an aid

Our Eco Tabs cleaning products consist of a powder. With the spray bottle you can easily mix this powder with water and clean the surface you want to clean. In addition, you can clean a very targeted and specific spot. You can use the spray bottle several times and they are available in different colors. This way you can easily separate the different products from each other! You have a different bottle for each space.

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