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Blinky Degreaser ECO-Tabs

Eco-friendly and fresh smelling formula, ideal for day-to-day cleaning of food preparation and consumption areas. Designed for professional kitchens, restaurants and work canteens. Effortless removal of animal and vegetable fats.

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100% ECO Friendly

A CO2 reduction of 80% during transportation of our products.
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Cost Saving

Portion controlled soluble Blinky eco-tabs creates optimal cost control, up to 90% volume and weight reduction.
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Technological advantages

Unique powder-based single handling formula.
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Risk Management

All Blinky eco-tab products can be transported on the same pallet.

About the Blinky Degreaser ECO-Tabs

Blinky degreaser is a concentrated and all-natural product for the daily cleaning of food preparation and consumption areas and equipment. The degreaser is particularly suitable for degreasing professional kitchens, restaurants, work canteens and areas where food is handled and prepared. This formula effortlessly removes animal and vegetable fats. With the Blinky degreaser, grease stains disappear quickly and the area once again looks hygienic and tidy!

Easy grease removal with the Blinky degreaser

The Blinky degreaser can be used on various surfaces. Think of the areas where vegetable and animal fats are worked with. Because of the environmentally friendly formula, the surface is not affected, but the result is very clean!

Environmentally friendly degreaser

One eco-tab is sufficient to convert 650 ml water into 650 ml degreaser, this makes this product very suitable for the professional kitchen and catering industry.

Instead of storing boxes of plastic bottles, the customer now only needs to store one bag with the chosen number of eco-tabs and one recyclable spray bottle that can be refilled hundreds of times. This saves the customer storage space, the possibility of chemical spills and, of course, a cheaper and more user-friendly refillable eco-product. This eco-friendly degreaser is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, highly efficient at cleaning grease and to leave a fresh citrus scent.

The recommended and user friendly way to use our products is as following:

  1. Get the Blinky eco-tab from the box/ bag
  2. Drop it into the spray bottle, bucket or container
  3. Add sweet, hot or cold water
  4. Shake it or stir it for a couple of seconds till the eco-tab is dissolved
  5. You are now ready to clean the appropriate surface area.
Weight130 g
Dimensions15 × 20 × 0.25 cm


PH value

12 (10g/L)


Dry and relatively cool areas for the maximum amount of storage time




Citrus fragrance


Wrapped in a PVA bag

Physical appearance




Products per package


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