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Blinky Sanitary ECO-Tabs bathroom cleaner

Eco-friendly powerful sanitary cleaner for the periodic cleaning of all sanitary facilities. Effortlessly removes all commonly occurring dirt and grime.

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100% ECO Friendly

A CO2 reduction of 80% during transportation of our products.
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Cost Saving

Portion controlled soluble Blinky eco-tabs creates optimal cost control, up to 90% volume and weight reduction.
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Technological advantages

Unique powder-based single handling formula.
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Risk Management

All Blinky eco-tab products can be transported on the same pallet.

About the Blinky Sanitary ECO-Tabs bathroom cleaner

For proper and neat cleaning of the bathroom you need a powerful bathroom cleaner. Our eco-tab bathroom cleaner is specially designed for cleaning bathrooms and is suitable for the daily cleaning of the entire bathroom. The sanitary cleaner effortlessly removes all types of common dirt and soot in bathrooms. Blinky’s eco-tab sanitary cleaner is ideal for cleaning bathrooms, showers, grouting, hard-tile bathroom tiles, stainless steel and other surfaces commonly found in bathrooms.

Environmentally friendly bathroom cleaner

The eco-tab sanitary cleaner contains only eco-friendly chemicals, which means the bathroom cleaner is not harmful to the environment. Thus, you can clean the bathroom with peace of mind, without worrying about environmental pollution. You can rinse the cleaner away without causing any damage to the environment.

Designed for professional use

This product is designed for professional bathroom cleaning. It is ideally suited for cleaning hard and smooth surfaces. This product has the typical orange/red color and has a slight fresh scent. The powerful eco-friendly formula ensures that dirt is easily removed and the bathroom is fresh and clean again!

This lightweight product reduces the need for large storage areas and does not require measuring and pouring into a 100% recyclable spray bottle. The pre-measured eco-tab can be simply put into the sprayer, the addition of water (fresh, hot or cold) dilutes this eco-tab into a highly concentrated sanitary cleaner.

The recommended and user friendly way to use our products is as following:

  1. Get the Blinky eco-tab from the box/ bag
  2. Drop it into the spray bottle, bucket or container
  3. Add warm or cold water
  4. Shake it or stir it for a couple of seconds till the eco-tab is dissolved
  5. You are now ready to clean the appropriate surface area.
Weight130 g
Dimensions15 × 20 × 0.25 cm
PH value

2-3 (10g/L)


Dry and relatively cool areas for the maximum amount of storage time






Wrapped in a PVA bag

Physical appearance




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