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pro's of eco cleaning
pro's of eco cleaning

Pro’s of eco cleaning

Knowledge is power. Do you know what’s in the cleaning products you use? Or do you know their origin or what the production process is like? Using the right cleaning products can make a big impact. Take the time and effort to get to know the ingredients and also pay attention to the packaging.

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Eco-friendly cleaning of the sink

Eco friendly cleaning tips

At Blinky we are passionate about eco friendly cleaning. It is our nine to five, and beyond. We have developed eco friendly cleaning products, by which we try to contribute to a cleaner environment and a better, more sustainable future. We also like to share our knowledge. In this blog, we want to share some of our eco friendly cleaning tips.

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Eco-friendly and fresh smelling formula

What are eco-friendly cleaning products?

In our vision this means leaving as little of an ecological footprint as possible throughout the entire cycle of the product. Form production to end of life, which for an eco-friendly product of course means either being fully biodegradable or being fully recyclable.

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