Eco friendly cleaning tips

At Blinky we are passionate about eco friendly cleaning. It is our nine to five, and beyond. We have developed eco friendly cleaning products, by which we try to contribute to a cleaner environment and a better, more sustainable future. We also like to share our knowledge. In this blog, we want to share some of our eco friendly cleaning tips.

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Eco-friendly cleaning of the sink

Tip 1. Know your cleaning product

Knowledge is power. Do you know what’s in the cleaning products you use? Or do you know their origin or what the production process is like? Using the right cleaning products can make a big impact. Take the time and effort to get to know the ingredients and also pay attention to the packaging.

Tip 2. Using too much cleaning product

An extra dash of your cleaning product: it may not seem like a lot, but over time it accumulates and can lead to the use of several extra bottles per year. Especially in environments that require thorough and regular cleaning. Using the appropriate amount of cleaner is important, but often many of us use too much. This doesn’t only mean extra waste, it can also damage surfaces and put extra strain on the sewage system and environment.

Tip 3. Using too much water

Even more so than using too much cleaning product, people tend to use too much water. When done cleaning, we often throw away many liters of waste water. Of course you need sufficient water to clean. The bucket doesn’t have to be empty at the end, but it doesn’t have to be full either. Be smart with your water. It’s always better to need a small refill than to flush away huge loads.

When it comes to water use, also be considerate of the water temperature. Warm water often cleans better than cold water does but in most cases you don’t need extremely hot or boiling water. You can save a lot of energy by using warm, but not too hot water.

Tip 4. Quality and frequency

Ideally you don’t need to clean often. Unfortunately that’s rarely the case. Which is why it’s very important to think of quality and frequency. It might be tempting to use cheaper cleaning products, but there may be some downsides to that. A quality cleaning product will clean thoroughly. Not only can this mean you have to clean less often, you will save on money in the long run as well. The more often you clean, the worse that usually is for the environment.

Tip 5. Multipurpose products

Unless you use eco friendly cleaning products for all of your cleaning tasks (more on that later), it’s an excellent idea to look for multipurpose products. Do you really need a different product for every task? Possibly, but possibly not. Less variety in products means less packaging waste.

Tip 6. Be smart with packaging: use refills and reusables

Do you really need to buy a new bottle every time you run out of cleaning products? Many brands offer refill packaging. This can reduce the amount of packaging you consume. Order refills if you can and use your own reusables to store the product.

Tip 7. The smart option: Blinky’s eco friendly cleaning products

Is there a convenient way for eco friendly cleaning? Yes there is. Using Blinky’s eco friendly cleaning products is the smart choice. We offer a complete range of truly eco friendly cleaning products for all purposed and needs. This means:

  • An eco friendly formula
  • Unique eco friendly packaging that saves space
  • Eco friendly production and shipping
  • Refillables and reusables

Check out all of our eco-friendly cleaning products.

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