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Using ECO Tabs means cleaning in a new way, with familiar results. ECO Tabs are eco friendly, but tough on filth. We offer several innovative tabs for all your cleaning needs. Our current range offers you the following cleaning products:

Blinky Eco-tabs

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What are ECO Tabs?

ECO Tabs consist of a unique formula of eco-friendly chemicals, contrary to most cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals that pollute water when flushed away. When done cleaning with ECO Tabs, the wastewater can be disposed of guilt free.

Why choose ECO Tabs from Blinky?

Blinky has spent many years developing the ideal cleaning product. But what is the ideal cleaning product in today’s society exactly? Our ECO Tabs are the answer. Naturally, a quality cleaning product guarantees thorough cleaning. However, when it comes to cleaning products, you often run into a paradox.

Why is it that a product designed to clean adds to environmental pollution itself? This makes no sense, yet it is the case with virtually every cleaning product you find on the shelves of the supermarket, convenience store or even wholesale firm. Many cleaning products contain ingredients that are harmful to our environment and pollute our water. Traditional packaging puts a strain on the recycling process or takes a long time to break down when thrown away. There must be a better way, and there is. Meet our ECO Tabs. 

ECO Tabs: environmentally friendly from A to Z

Developing a truly environmentally friendly cleaning product, is a major challenge. First of all there is the challenge of developing a formula that not only cleans well, but is also harmless to the environment. Second: the packaging. What good is an environmentally friendly formula when it comes in packaging that is not?

Our goal was to develop an environmentally friendly cleaning product from A to Z. This meant that we had to think about production, packaging and distribution. ECO Tabs bags and boxes are made from 100% compostable ingredients. The tabs are made of fully biodegradable PVA plastics.

A third challenge, we had to deal with, was something that is often overlooked: distribution. More weight and a larger size of the product not only means more packaging is needed, it also means more space is required for distribution. That leads to a higher carbon footprint. We thought of a way to make a positive impact, which led to the unique solution of our ECO Tabs. Whereas most cleaning products are liquids, ours comes in the shape of a small, light and handy tab. Liquid cleaners take up a lot of space. Our ECO Tabs are only a fraction of the size of regular bottles, meaning we can ship much larger quantities using much less space. This greatly reduces CO2 emissions.

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