Environment friendly care products

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In our laboratory based in the Netherlands we are continuously analysing, developing and creating new products to expand and improve our product line and to protect our planet against harmful chemical solutions.

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Vision and mission

Our vision and mission had three boxes that needed to be checked before we were satisfied with the end result, these points were:

  1. Develop a cleaning 100% eco and user-friendly product.
  2. Change the conventional and wasteful concept by extracting the H2O.
  3. Create an easy to use and quickly soluble packaging for any type of water.

These three tasks formed an almost impossible assignment for our management and R&D team. Years of investments in time, money and men power have led to a formula unlike any other in the world, a solution so out of the box that is has revolutionised the way professionals and the hygiene industry cleans.

Eco-friendly and fresh air
Environment friendly care products
Environment friendly care product.

For companies

The unique Blinky-ecotab formula is a groundbreaking, cost-effective concept to every aspect of cleaning. Our customers save time, space and transportation weight all while optimizing cost control and quality. Cleaning efficiency reaches a new level in any type of organization such as;


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