Commerciële schoonmaakproducten

Commerciële schoonmaakmiddelen verschillen op verschillende manieren van de dagelijkse huishoudelijke schoonmaakmiddelen. Commerciële reiniging betekent vaak meer en grondiger schoonmaken. Dit vereist meer schoonmaakmiddelen. Zowel in aantal als in diversiteit. Dit vormt een extra belasting voor het milieu. Wie heeft hier schuld aan? Commerciële schoonmaakmiddelen moeten krachtig en effectief zijn. Talloze mensen zijn afhankelijk van een hygiënische omgeving. Betekent dit dat er geen andere opties beschikbaar zijn? Bij Blinky geloven we dat die er zijn. Daarom wilden we de markt van commerciële schoonmaakproducten radicaal veranderen. Met een frisse aanpak: dezelfde schoonmaakresultaten, veel minder vervuiling.

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Commerciële schoonmaakproducten

How our commercial cleaning products are smarter
When we look at the environmental impact of products, we tend to look at the usage. This is often no different for cleaning products. But Blinky has a clear and broad vision when it comes to reducing our ecological footprint. To really make a positive impact, it is crucial to look at the entire chain of production, distribution and (re)usage.

Traditional cleaning products come in large bottles. This is especially the case for commercial cleaning products. They are often sold in bulk and delivered in large containers. This means that a lot of material is needed for the production of the packaging. Also, shipment and transportation of the products has quite the impact on the environment. The products take up a lot of space. What if packaging could be made more eco friendly and products would use up a lot less space? That is exactly what Blinky has done. Over time this saves many flights and transport by boat, train or lorry. Our products are made from eco friendly materials. This includes the packaging. Blinky ECO-Tabs weigh less and take up less space than traditional commercial cleaning products.

This is the important first step in the chain. Because of Blinky’s eco friendly cleaning formula, cleaning itself putsless strain on the environment as well. Waste water creates water pollution. Our waste water is much less polluting due to the eco friendly compound or our ECO-Tabs.

So there’s the important second step in the A to Z chain. But we weren’t finished there. Think of all the waste that is created by packaging and bottles that are thrown away. That’s why Blinky invests in reusable, refillable products, like our refillable (and eco friendly) spray bottle. This makes a huge positive impact. Especially in commercial cleaning where otherwise many bottles would have been thrown away.

Our range of commercial cleaning products

Our range of commercial cleaning products has been created to help you with all your cleaning needs. We offer a wide range of eco friendly ECO-Tabs to cover all cleaning tasks and purposes.

ECO-Tabs bathroom cleaner is made for the periodic cleaning of all sanitary facilities. It effortlessly removes all commonly occurring dirt and grime. Use them with our sanitary gel ECO-tabs for removing commonly occurring dirt and grime on toilets and marble surfaces. Our fresh smelling degreaser ECO-Tabs are ideal for day-to-day cleaning of food preparation and consumption areas. They are designed for professional kitchens, restaurants and work canteens. Our multi purpose cleaning ECO-Tabs are highly suitable for use on all water resistant surfaces (PVC, Linoleum, natural stone floors etc.) They leave a pleasant fresh fragrance after cleaning and are equally suitable for cleaning by hand or when using cleaning, scrubbing and vacuuming machines. Our interior cleaning tabs are ideal for day-to-day cleaning and designed for professional cleaning of hard surfaces, windows and mirrors. The eco-friendly Blinky disinfectant tabs is a new generation of disinfectant. This sanitizer from Blinky disinfects all surfaces.

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