Environment friendly care products

Our process

By extracting the water (H20) component and using only environmentally friendly ingredients, we have created a cleaning product unlike any other. The result is a revolutionary solution that dramatically reduces transport weight and volume. This results in an extensive reduction CO2 and decreases our damage to the environment dramatically.

Maximise efficiency

Save over 90% on storage and transportation

Colour-coded, portion controlled packaging provides optimal usage and flawless cost control. Maximise efficiency and productivity by simply adding water to the Blinky eco-tabs. There is no need for dispensing equipment.
The Blinky eco-tabs

Produced in powder

The Blinky eco-tabs are produced in powder form and packaged in the 100% biodegradable PVA plastic, made from starch. The PVA plastic completely dissolves when it comes in contact with water. 


Current products

The eco-friendly Blinky formulas are designed to dissolve into a highly concentrated cleaning agent.
The cleaning agents we are currently producing are:

  • Interior (650ml spray bottle)
  • Sanitary eco-tab (650ml spray bottle)
  • Degreaser eco-tab (650ml spray bottle)
  • Multi Purpose eco-tab (650ml spray bottle)
  • Sanitary Gel eco-tab (650ml pour bottle)
  • Disinfectant tablet (650ml pour bottle)
Eco-friendly cleaning of the bathroom
Eco-friendly and fresh smelling formula
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100% ECO Friendly

Highly concentrated environmentally save ingredients, unique hot & cold water soluble eco-packaging. The production process is designed to be as energy efficient as possible. This leads to a CO2 reduction of 80% during transportation of our products.

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Cost saving

Portion controlled soluble Blinky eco-tabs creates optimal cost control, up to 90% volume and weight reduction on current products single handling for improved time management dosing system is not required for our products.

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Technological advantages

The unique powder-based single handling formula is soluble in any type off reverse osmoses, ground, rain and surface water.

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Risk management

All Blinky eco-tab products can be transported on the same pallet without conflicting with hazardous effects or ADR/ RID/ IMDG/ IATA/ ADN restrictions.

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Environment friendly care products​