Pro’s of eco cleaning

Knowledge is power. Do you know what’s in the cleaning products you use? Or do you know their origin or what the production process is like? Using the right cleaning products can make a big impact. Take the time and effort to get to know the ingredients and also pay attention to the packaging.

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pro's of eco cleaning

The pro’s of eco cleaning are pretty obvious. It’s much better for the environment. But let’s look beyond the obvious pro’s. In case you are still unsure whether or not you should use eco friendly cleaning products: there are more reasons to do so. These are four of them.

Pro’s of eco cleaning number 1: Lead by example

Thankfully, most of us agree that we need to make significant changes in the way we live and consume to protect our planet and ensure a safe and healthy future. How are we going to do this? Who is going to do this? We can all make an impact and contribute to positive change. Over the last few years we have noticed a major shift in attitude towards eco friendliness in the vast majority. But willingness and action are two different things. Using eco friendly cleaning products is a way of leading by example. Even though we all know it exists, most companies haven’t made the change and most consumers aren’t yet accustomed to it.

When people see change in their environment, they are much more likely to adopt that change themselves. Whether you use your ECO-tabs professionally or at home: you can bet people will be interested in what you are using.

Pro’s of eco cleaning number 2: It expands your horizon

New techniques, alternative methods or lifestyle changes: they sometimes require some effort. But often the effort turns out to be much less of a challenge than it initially seemed. Take our ECO-tabs: they don’t change the way you clean, other than the fact that you are now doing it in a much more eco friendly way.

When people experience that new things work, it often sparks more interest. We are very proud that nearly all our customers are actively seeking solutions to reduce their ecological footprint. One thing often leads to another. Our eco friendly cleaning products are an achievable, realistic way to make your cleaning activities more sustainable. There are countless other areas where you can make a positive impact with just a few little tweaks.

Pro’s of eco cleaning number 3: Experience that there are no financial downsides

As soon as people hear the label “eco”, they often assume it’s going to be expensive. Partially that is true. Eco friendly solutions are not yet the norm. Often they are more costly to produce or provide. But as time and technology advance, more people come to find that eco does not always equal expensive. Especially when you consider the long term.

The purchase price often only tells part of the story. Our products are reusable. This adds up over time. Especially considering the fact that you always use the exact right amount of cleaning products. There is no waste. Chances are that over time, you’ll come to the conclusion that the difference in costs might be negligible.

Pro’s of eco cleaning number 4: It’s not just the product, it’s the whole chain

The pro’s of eco cleaning branch out farther than just the product. It’s not just about the cleaning itself: it’s the whole chain. Because in our opinion, eco friendly is only truly eco friendly when the whole chain is optimized. Therefore when you use our products, not only do you use a more eco friendly way to clean, you’re also guaranteed a more eco friendly production, packaging and shipping process.

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