Refillable cleaning products

Refillable cleaning products: it sounds so easy. In practice, it turns out it’s not. On a yearly basis both households and professional users throw away several, sometimes tens of kilos of empty plastic cleaning bottles alone. Add up these numbers and you get a mindblowing amount of plastic waste. It is our vision that cleaning products should not be polluting.

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Eco-friendly and fresh air

How can we change that? That’s the question we asked ourselves. Refillable cleaning products turned out to be the answer. That, however, meant overcoming a big obstacle. Designing a refillable bottle is of course easy enough. But most cleaning products are liquids. A refillable product only proves its value when the product takes up less space in the original packaging than it does in the bottle. With liquids, this is not possible, but with powder it is. That’s why we developed refillable cleaning products that come as a powder. Simply add water to get the final product.

Refillable cleaning products: the bottle is a one-time purchase

The Blinky bottle is a one-time purchase. When ordering new ECO Tabs, you can use this bottle over and over again.

This might make you wonder: selling refillable cleaning products sounds relatively easy, why don’t you come across it more often? This all has to do with the state of the product. And yes, we mean the literal state. Most cleaning products are liquids. By removing all water and liquids in the production process we can produce our cleaning products as powder, contained in small and handy tabs. This makes using the same bottle again much easier. Simply add water and the tab with powder (the eco-friendly PVA plastic made from starch automatically dissolved upon contact with water) and you have a full bottle of cleaner once again.

With liquid cleaners, selling refillable cleaning products is much more of a challenge. After all, the refill packaging would have to be the same size as the original packaging. Even if the refill packaging was made from eco-friendly material, shipping it would still mean taking up a lot of space, thus leaving behind a huge ecological footprint. Our ECO tabs do not only come in an all eco-friendly packaging, they are also small and light, which means we can ship huge loads without taking up much space. Combine this with the refillable bottle and you truly get an eco friendly product.

What if the bottle gets damaged?

Everytime you use your refillable cleaning products, you are reducing waste and pollution. But what if the refillable bottle gets damaged and you have to throw it away? Even this bottle is 100% recyclable for minimal impact on the environment. Ofcourse you can order a new refillable bottle.

All our products are refillable

Blinky offers six different cleaning ECO Tabs for all cleaning purposes:

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